Elderly Support

Support of up to $1, 000 to purchase specially designed or adapted products, medical equipment, items, whitegoods, services or facilities to relieve the needs of such persons, provided funding or equipment etc. is not available through other health or medical funding programs.

Where necessary the individual will be required to sign an agreement stating that the equipment will be returned when no longer needed and cannot be passed onto others unless proper application is submitted, and approval has been given by the Board.  Elderly Support will not provide support for televisions, fixed air conditioners and will not assist with any personal expenses e.g. rent, electricity, car payments, etc.

Darumbal Elders who suffer a long-term illness and require regular treatment throughout the year (e.g. cancer) can claim up to $1, 000 per year to assist with payments required for ongoing medical support.  Advice from Medical practitioner required.

Elderly Support Guidelines

Support for:

  1. Medical assistance
  2. Certain basic living necessities
  3. Items ancillary to the matters set out above.

Maximum $1,000 per assistance (in total per financial year). No support for: vehicles, housing, airfares, hire cars, taxi fares, non-Elder expenses

Who Can Apply for Support?

Darumbal people

How to Apply?

Applications for funding must:

  1. Be in writing and in an appropriate form or online form below;
  2. Nominate the amount of support required;
  3. Provide the necessary supporting material such as evidence of expenses, quotes, invoices.
  4. All applications must be submitted to the Darumbal Charitable Trust by the closing date, no late applications will be considered.

Assessment and Allocations

Darumbal Charitable Trust will consider all applications on their merits.  Conditions may apply when appropriate to funding support.


Fill out the online form below or download application form and send to admin@darumbal.com.au

Elderly Support Application Form



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