Education Grants

Education child support for Darumbal children that are full-time in prep, primary and secondary school to use for education expense e.g. uniforms, books and stationery etc.  Sporting and Recreational support is available for Darumbal children that have been selected to play in state or national sporting events.

Sporting and Recreational Guidelines

Sporting support is available for those Darumbal children that have been selected for state or national representation in a sporting and/or club type activity. Confirmation of child acceptance and the proposed event for State/National representation will need to be supplied with the application.

Educational Support Guidelines

Support for:

  1. Clothing $225 per child annually – shoes, uniforms, ports, school bags, stationery, etc. Applications close on 28 February each year.
  2. Education Scholarships (on application)

Payment is made to the parent or legal guardian of the Darumbal child listed on application.  A second education support payment will automatically be paid out in July of $100 per Darumbal child following previously already approved application made in January of that same year.  Applications close 28 February each year with annual school confirmation of enrolment, name, address, grade, and DOB required on application.  For first time application, confirmation of guardianship status is required.  Applications for education support generally take one week to process.

Who Can Apply for Support?

Darumbal people

How to Apply?

Applications for funding must:

  1. Be in writing and in an appropriate form or online form below;
  2. Nominate the amount of support required;
  3. Provide the necessary supporting material such as evidence of expenses, quotes, invoices.
  4. All applications must be submitted to the Darumbal Charitable Trust by the closing date, no late applications will be considered.

Fill in the online form below or click on Link to download education application form or download sport application form.  Only parents/care givers of Darumbal children/students are eligible to apply.  All applications are subject to availability of funds and DPAC Board Approval.  All applications must provide all details required including confirmation of enrolment for each child/student listed on their application.

Assessment and Allocations

All applications are subject to availability of funds and DPAC Board Approval. Conditions may apply when appropriate to funding support.


Fill out the online form below or download education application form or download sport application form and send to

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Education Grants
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Education & Sporting Grant Application Form



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