Funeral Assistance

Darumbal Charitable Trust have made provision to support a family where the deceased person is of Darumbal descent, to relieve financial pressures placed on family when a loved one has passed away.

Cash will not be given to families, but payment will be made directly to companies providing goods and services on presentation of an invoice.  Funeral support will not provide support for: air fares, taxi fares, hire cars, accommodation, meals, catering etc.

Funeral Expenses Guidelines

Support for:

  1. Funeral Director / Coffin

Darumbal Funeral Financial Support is capped amount per family.

No support for: airfares, taxi fares, hire cars, accommodation, meals, catering, etc.

Who Can Apply for Support?

Darumbal people where the deceased person is of Darumbal Descent.

How to Apply?

Applications for funding must:

  1. Be in writing and in an appropriate form or online form below;
  2. Nominate the amount of support required;
  3. Provide the necessary supporting material such as evidence of expenses, quotes, invoices.
  4. All applications must be submitted to the Darumbal Charitable Trust.

Assessment and Allocations

Eligibility for assistance must first be approved, by 3 Darumbal Board Directors (Family Representative). All applications are subject to availability of funds and DPAC Board Approval. Conditions may apply when appropriate to funding support.


Fill out the online form below or download application form and send to

Funeral Assistance Application Form



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