Darumbal Language

The Darumbal language is over thousands of years old, it has been passed down from generation to generation and will continue to do so.

Language and culture is the heart of our identity and without it we would be lost.

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Please seek permission from Darumbal for use of Darumbal words and or teaching the Darumbal language.

The revitalization and example language words with their meanings

In the past it was believed the Darumbal language was extinct.  That is not the case; it is only due to a certain few of the Darumbal people who have pushed the Darumbal language to the forefront are we seeing the revitalisation.  By maintaining their language, the Darumbal people are taking control of their cultural identity, thus maintaining the ages old traditions of passing on cultural knowledge to their descendants.

General Darumbal words

Hello – Gudamulli
Goodbye – Yaman Dyangu
Red – Min Min
Yellow – Bagari
Kangaroo – Wura
Emu – Gundalu
Yes – Yuwi
No – Yama
Respect – Yadaba

If you would like to know about Darumbal Language Education programs, more about the Darumbal language or are interested in seeking permission to use a Darumbal word within your workplace or school please contact cultural.services@darumbal.com.au

Darumbal Language | Darumbal Enterprises
Darumbal Language


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