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The Darumbal Charitable Trust’s Socio Support Policy can provide financial and other support for educational purposes, tertiary scholarships, funeral expenses & elders support.

Darumbal Charitable Trust

Compensation fund monies received is held in Trust – Darumbal Charitable Trust.  The Trustee is committed to ensuring that its charitable objects are delivered in an ethical manner and as such, has developed the Socio Support Policy.  The Socio Support Policy gives DPAC guidelines for the provision of financial and other socio support to the Darumbal people and community.  The implementation of this program aims to relieve or prevent poverty or financial hardship among disadvantaged Darumbal people by providing grants and donations, assist in child education, training, employment, business and job opportunities, advocacy and any other so deemed by the trustee necessary support. Socio Support will not provide support for any personal expenses e.g. rent, electricity, car payments, etc.

All applications for Support are subject to availability of funds and Board approval.  Send applications or for a copy of the Darumbal Charitable Trust Socio Support Policy please contact

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