Cultural Heritage Management

Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd was established by the claimants to the Darumbal People native title claim (Tribunal File No: QC97/21).

Darumbal Cultural Heritage Team offer valuable consultation and facilitation services to ensure cultural heritage obligations are achieved. They have extensive knowledge of Darumbal Country, environment, lore, customs, areas of significance and artefacts.

Darumbal People have a strong continuous connection to Darumbal Land and Sea Country. With the intent to move forward and provide opportunities for progress and growth of the Darumbal people, we still protect all aspects of our culture that have been a part of our history for thousands of years.

Under the State of Queensland legislation, Darumbal Enterprise is the Cultural Heritage Body for the Darumbal Native Title Claim area. At Darumbal Enterprises our purpose is to undertake cultural heritage in accordance with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003. We believe that this is the way to achieve the highest level of protection that can be given to our culture and heritage.

Our services include;

  • Cultural Heritage Surveys and Excavations
  • Cultural Heritage Duty of Care Assessments
  • Development and implementation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans
  • Site assessments including clearance for works to be carried out
  • Project Management
  • Advice pertaining to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003
  • Toolbox Workshops
  • Cultural Heritage Awareness
  • Development of cultural heritage compliance procedures and assessment of legal obligations
  • Desktop Assessments and professional advice
  • Advice relating to Darumbal Country
  • Cultural Heritage Assessments, advice and guidance
  • Site Recording, management and protection
  • Community Engagement
  • Photographic and archival recording of sites and artefacts
  • Cultural Heritage Training
  • Unanticipated Discovery Plans

For more information regarding  Cultural Heritage Management please contact Darumbal Enterprises 07 4926 0026, (M) 0447 598 992 or

Chance Find of Artefacts

If you find a Darumbal Artefact please follow the below steps;

  1. Do not remove artefact
  2. If picked up to inspect, please put back into the same spot
  3. Take a photograph and record area with a GPS Location (if possible)
  4. Record the area
  5. Contact Darumbal Enterprises 07 4926 0026, (M) 0447 598 992 or


Darumbal Scarred Tree | Darumbal Enterprises
Darumbal Scarred Tree


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