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To this day Ceremonies play a very important part in Australian Aboriginal peoples’ culture.

There are many reasons for ceremonies in our Darumbal society and they all have a firm place in the spiritual beliefs and cultural practices of Darumbal Country.  Darumbal Cultural Ceremonies ensure that vital components of the Darumbal lores, customs and Our Dreaming stay intact. They provide a time and place where all people in our Darumbal Nation language group and all people in our community work together to maintain and ensure the ongoing survival of spiritual and cultural beliefs of the Darumbal People.

 Darumbal Elders will perform these ceremonies.

As members of the claim group we are employed to undertake activities such as welcome to country addresses, dancing, smoking ceremonies, and naming ceremonies.

Welcome to Country

A Welcome to Country must be performed by a culturally qualified Darumbal elder/person to welcome visitors to Country and wish them safe passage while travelling through our land. A Welcome to Country can sometimes be accompanied by traditional smoking ceremonies, music or dance if considered appropriate.

A Welcome of Country will be performed by Darumbal Elders on behalf of the Darumbal People.

To book or enquire about a ‘Welcome to Country ‘ service please contact cultural.services@darumbal.com.au

Smoking Ceremony

A smoking ceremony is one of the most significant ancient ceremonies performed by Aboriginals. The ceremony involves smouldering certain native plants to produce smoke which have cleansing properties and the ability to ward off bad spirits and welcome the good spirits. Darumbal smoking ceremonies are performed for welcoming babies onto Country, blessing marriages and initiations.

A Smoking Ceremony will be performed by  Darumbal Elders on behalf of the Darumbal People, Ancestors and Spirits of this Nunthi (Country).

To book or enquire about a ‘Smoking Ceremony’ service please contact cultural.services@darumbal.com.au

Traditional Dance

Corroboree is the English word taken from the Aboriginal word Caribberie. Corroboree is a word to describe the Traditional ceremonies for dance and song. Here on Darumbal Country we call it malgadi.

A Traditional Dance ceremony will be performed by Representatives from Darumbal People Aboriginal Corporation Registered Native Title Body (DPAC RNTBC) on behalf of the Darumbal People.

To book or enquire about a ‘Traditional Dance’ service please contact cultural.services@darumbal.com.au

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