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Darumbal People Aboriginal Corporation Registered Native Title Body (DPAC RNTBC) primary function is to address issues relating to the social and economic disadvantage that are confronted by Darumbal people.

DPAC work with Australian Defence Force (ASMTI project), local companies and businesses to secure Employment, Training and Indigenous Business Opportunities for Darumbal People and community members who live on Darumbal Country.

Darumbal Enterprise works hard to maintain and ensure our Cultural Heritage Management and Cultural Significant sites are protected for the future of Darumbal People.

Darumbal People Aboriginal Corporation Registered Native Title Body (DPAC RNTBC)

Darumbal people first started coming together and undertaking formal business activities during 1992 when a small group from Darumbal became involved in the Commonwealth Government’s Shoalwater Bay Commission of Inquiry into the proposed sand mining in the Shoalwater bay Training Area (SWBTA). This required us to formalise our business dealings.  The original Darumbal Corporation was incorporated in 1994 and operated for about ten years carrying out various business, Cultural and social activities. It was then replaced in 2005 by Toonooba Darumbal Ltd. It operates a formal business structure which incorporated a subsidiary in Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd, trustee for the Darumbal Charitable Trust. These business entities have been conducting business successfully for last 27 years.

After having worked for over a quarter of a century to have the Darumbal People Native Title Rights and interest legally recognised. On the 21st June 2016 a Consent Determination of Native Title was handed down by the Federal Court to the Darumbal people at the Dreamtime Cultural Centre in Rockhampton. From this determination Darumbal people were required by the Native Title Act (NTA) to put in place a Prescribed Body Corporate registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act).

Our Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) is Darumbal People Aboriginal Corporation Registered Native Title Body Corporate (DPAC RNTBC).   DPAC will now take responsibility for managing business related to the Consent Determination and various other rights and interest acquired through Native Title.

Darumbal Enterprises

Darumbal Enterprises was established by Darumbal Native Title Applicants (QC97/21) on the 10th May 2005 to take responsibility for the commercial business interests of the Darumbal community i.e. commercial business relating to native title and cultural heritage management. The primary objective of Darumbal Enterprises is the management of cultural resources with Darumbal country. This objective is based in the traditional relationship that the Darumbal community has with its homelands, and is a continuation of traditional responsibilities held within the scope of our traditional lores and customs.

Business relates mainly to new developments in the Rockhampton, Marlborough, Capricorn Coast, Westwood and Raglan areas. As development proponents work to advance their projects, they are often required by legislation to manage cultural resources and deal with the traditional owners in relation to Native Title.

Darumbal Apical Ancestors

Apical:  Kitty Mulway & Pompey of Stanage; Yorky
Nominated Board Member:  Naticia Meredith

Apical:  Kate Reid & James Hector
Nominated Board Member:  Warren Malone (Chair)

Apical:  Jack Naylor (Jnr); Brothers John McPherson & Harry Bauman
Nominated Board Member:  Trevor Hatfield

Apical:  Clara Wallace
Nominated Board Member:  Malcolm Mann

Apical:  Clara McKenzie
Nominated Board Member:  Harold (George) James

Apical:  Maggie (Mitchell);
Nominated Board Member:  Vanessa Ross

Darumbal Native Title Applicants 2016 | Darumbal Enterprises
Darumbal Native Title Applicants 2016
Darumbal People - Native Title 2016 | Darumbal Enterprises
Darumbal People - Native Title 2016


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