Darumbal Entities

Darumbal People Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC supports and contributes to the following entities for the future of the Darumbal people.

Coorumburra Station

A joint venture cattle enterprise on Coorumburra Station involving Barada-Barna-Kabalbara-Yetimarala (BBKY), Darumbal and Jetimarala people commenced on 1st January 2001.  It has operated successfully for over 19 years The cattle enterprise is run by the Traditional Owner groups through Coorrumburra Rural Enterprises Pty Ltd (CRE), which has a Board of eight Directors.

Our Groups objective is to develop the cattle enterprise to the point where it is successful enough, and financially able, to purchase other land in the region. It is envisaged that this will allow for the groups involved to reconeect with their traditional homelands, while also using the lands acquired for economic purposes – eg cattle production, farming, cultural tourism and so on.

Corrumburra currently own around 2000 head cattle that do really well on the property.

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Tunuba Pty Ltd (Tunuba) is a joint venture between Darumbal Enterprises and CQ Environmental Pty Ltd.

Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd acts on behalf of Darumbal people.

CQ Environmental (CQG Consulting), has a long-standing association and working relationship with the Darumbal people based on good faith and respect.

Tunuba provides an opportunity for both enterprises to collaborate to create a platform to generate genuine employment and business opportunities for Indigenous people and local businesses with the military and other major projects in the region that are often awarded to other major organisations outside the region.

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Coorumburra Station | Darumbal Enterprises
Coorumburra Station
Tunuba Directors | Darumbal Enterprises
Tunuba Directors


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