Tertiary Scholarships

Tafe/University or similar career-based courses. Scholarships (on application) with applications only for full-time university courses or significant Diploma courses including online and available for ex high school persons (who can have up to 2 years gap).

Scholarship support is given for a maximum of three years support, up to $5, 000 per annum to be paid in two equal amounts.  Scholarship Terms and Conditions are to be completed and the applicant must pass each semester to be entitled to continue to receive scholarship.

Tertiary Scholarship Guidelines

Tafe/University or similar career-based courses.  Payment of course fees of up to $750 per annum for a full or part time career-based course.  This is to be paid direct to Tafe/University (or reimbursed on proof of receipt).  Future support will be dependent on passing previous courses.

Who Can Apply for Support?

Darumbal people

How to Apply?

Applications for funding must:

  1. Be in writing and in an appropriate form or online form below;
  2. Nominate the amount of support required;
  3. Provide the necessary supporting material such as evidence of expenses, quotes, invoices.
  4. All applications must be submitted to the Darumbal Charitable Trust by the closing date, no late applications will be considered.

Assessment and Allocations

All applications are subject to availability of funds and DPAC Board Approval. Conditions may apply when appropriate to funding support.


Fill out the online form below or download application form and send to admin@darumbal.com.au

Tertiary Application Form



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