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Due to the increase in workload and employment opportunities through the ILUA with Defence, a joint venture was pursued between DPAC RNTBC and CQ Environmental Pty Ltd(CQG). This joint venture company was named Tunuba Pty Ltd. Tunuba is the Darumbal name for the Fitzroy River. It has two directors from Darumbal and two directors from CQG. Tunuba was established to deliver a range of land management and professional services to support the livelihood and economic development of local indigenous people and local businesses.

The joint venture provides an opportunity for both enterprises to collaborate to create a platform to generate genuine employment and business opportunities for Darumbal and local indigenous people and businesses. Tunuba will put Darumbal on the same competitive level as other Contractors that tender for work contracts with Defence. Boasting CQG’s professional experience in tendering for contracts, Tunuba will give Darumbal improved probability in securing contracts and provide opportunities for Darumbal people to learn how to prepare tenders and coordinate projects.Currently, Tunuba has been lodging tenders to create employment for the Darumbal people.

We need more people to register with us to fill the vacancies when they come up. We cannot tell you what jobs are coming up until the tenders are secured. You can register your interest in working with Tunuba via the Darumbal website. If you own an indigenous business you can also register your interest in being part of the Australian Singaporean Military Training Initiative (ASMTI) expansion on the website.There will be work for the next few years expanding the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) with new facilities being put in and some areas being upgraded. In the future, Darumbal envisage that Tunuba Pty Ltd will be run by Darumbal people.

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