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The Darumbal Charitable Trust (DCT) holds the Native Title compensation benefits in Trust for the Darumbal People. To apply for benefits through the Trust you must apply through the Socio Support Programs covered in the Socio Support Policy. The Darumbal Board put together the Socio Support Policy which provides us with guidelines for all programs and all applications that come through Darumbal seeking support. In 2019, the ILUA with Defence made it possible for DCT to not only continue,but increase the level of support offered to Darumbal people through socio support.

Education Support is one of the programs included in the Socio Support Policy. This year, 493 students received education support from DCT. Education Support has been part of the Darumbal Socio Support Policy for over 10 years. The Defence ILUA will keep this support available for many years to come.

DCT have received more applications for Tertiary Scholarships and now DCT provide scholarships for 8 Darumbal University students to assist with their education costs. Darumbal have been overwhelmed with applications for scholarships. At this point in time, Darumbal have filled their allocation for scholarships. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship in 2021 please send your details through and it will be held until such times as there is enough funding allocated to support another scholarship. Elderly support and Funeral support have always been included on the Socio Support Policy and is still included for times when support is needed most.Some changes on the policy include;- Sporting support due to financial restrictions this was not available for the last few years. Sporting support is available for individuals that are excelling in their sport of choice, and are representing at a State/National level.- support for Tafe course fees (career-based)are now included.- Training related activities (eg tickets, registration costs) are also new to the policy.

To apply for socio support through DCT you can apply online here  or please contact our Office.

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