Darumbal Peoples New Office Officially Opened

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On 2 April 2019, Darumbal People Aboriginal Corporation(DPAC), Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC), signed an Indigenous Land Use Agreement(ILUA) with the Department of Defence. Part of that ILUA was for DPAC to get funds to purchase an office. After much inspecting of proposed office spaces and paperwork for  council approvals etc., the settlement took place on the 25 November 2019. Once settlement was finalised the office needed to be set up with office furniture and equipment. After running Darumbal business out of a home office for many years, where we worked off of one computer, one phone, one printer and a fax machine and not to mention having small business meetings at the kitchen table.

DPAC now have a 2 story house with several offices. We can now carry out Darumbal business professionally. The office space provides a place for our DPAC Board meetings and other such Darumbal business meetings/workshops. The office space was officially opened on 11 February 2020 by Elder Aunty Ollie Donald and Commodore Jonathan Earley (ASMTI Manager). It was fitting that both a Darumbal representative and a Defence representative did the honours of cutting the ribbon. Nearly 100 people attended the celebration, among the invited were many dignitaries from Central Queensland along with our Darumbal members and associates,. It was a huge success.

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