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We have completed our first BROLGA Junior Ranger event Saturday 4th September at Keppel Sands main beach.

Thanks to our Junior Rangers who attended, and Aunty Lency Mann for the sausage sizzle and other foods.

Thanks to the following facilitators:

Fitzroy Basin Association Daniel Rea for sharing his knowledge which our Junior Rangers learned how to:

  • identify natural assets,
  • recognise impacts and threats to the natural environment,
  • briefly understand some of the responsibilities of stakeholders/and others to the environment, and
  • recognise some actions to mitigate impacts/threats to the environment

Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd TUMRA Coordinator Malachi Johnson

  • Describe the meaning and function of Darumbal’s Traditional Use of Marine Resource Agreement
  • Familiarisation of Darumbal’s TUMRA map and its natural features
  • A brief understanding of Marine Park Zoning and its role in the environment
  • Connecting theory to practice by identifying map features to visible Darumbal sea country landmark features

 Myself – Malcolm Mann

  • Brief weather understandings by using natural indicators such as wind direction, speed, shadow, cardinal directions such as ascertaining North, South, East and West
  • Brief tide understandings by interpreting tide charts such as date, time, tide height and moon cycles
  • Measuring tide and time differences between tidal cycles
  • General intertidal exploration – tidal flats

Any volunteers with Blue Card are most welcome to support these events by first contacting myself and providing a copy of their BC.

Our next Junior Ranger event is Saturday 11th December 2021 with three sessions

Session 1: How to rig up basic fishing lines and care for fishing gear

Session 2: Catching live bait

Session 3: Fishing

Junior Rangers are encouraged to bring their own hand lines and hooks and sinkers in their own fishing bag, change of clothes and a towel.

Any queries feel free to contact me. A program will be prepared in the next couple of weeks. Please note those Junior Rangers that have completed an application form do not need to complete another instead just confirm attendance and update any new contact information.

Malcolm Mann – Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd Business Development Manager 

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